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PPL Renewable Energy works with partners to promote ways to use landfill gas and other gases for economic and environmental benefits.

Methane, a greenhouse gas, is created when garbage in landfills or other waste materials decompose. We develop projects that capture this waste fuel and turn it into something useful.

Our methane-to-electricity projects capture this valuable gas, creating a double benefit – generating electricity while reducing a greenhouse gas.

Moretown Landfill

This 3.2-megawatt landfill gas-to-energy plant at the Moretown Landfill in Washington County, Vt., produces about 25.2 million kilowatt-hours per year, enough electricity to power about 2,400 homes.

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Cumberland County Landfill

The Cumberland County Landfill in Shippensburg, Pa., will no longer just flare off the methane gas produced there. Instead, the methane will be used to power four new electricity generators at the 6.4-megawatt landfill gas-to-energy plant, generating enough electricity to power 4,800 homes.

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Greater Lebanon Authority Landfill

By capturing methane and using it to generate 3.2 megawatts of electricity, this plant will prevent the equivalent of 19,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. In addition to the generators, the facility at the landfill houses an innovative renewable energy education facility that includes demonstration solar and wind power projects.

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Lancaster County Solid Waste - Frey Farm Landfill

This project in Lancaster County, Pa., recently was named the EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program 2006 “Project of the Year.” This plant captures methane gas and generates 3.2 megawatts of electricity and heat. The heat is supplied to the adjacent Turkey Hill Dairy, a popular ice cream manufacturer.

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Pennsauken Landfill renewable Energy Park

The energy park includes three renewable energy power plants: a 2.8 megawatt landfill gas-to-energy power plant at the Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill and a 2.6 megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant that produces power for an adjacent industrial customer, Aluminum Shapes in Pennsauken, N.J.

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Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority Landfill

The 800-kilowatt methane-to-electricity power generation system allows the landfill to sell electricity on the open market and use the heat from the generator to help decompose organic waste and provide heat to a nearby greenhouse — economical and environmentally-conscious uses of methane, a greenhouse gas.

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Cumberland County, NJ Landfill

The landfill gas energy system at the Cumberland County Landfill in Deerfield Township, N.J., produces enough clean energy to power 3,600 homes. Methane gas from the landfill powers three generators and produces 4.8 megawatts of renewable power. The project is just one example of the landfill operators’ dedication to conserving natural resources and improving the quality of life for the residents and businesses of Cumberland County through a wide range of recycling and environmental programs.

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Colebrook, NH Landfill

This 800-kilowatt facility, the first landfill gas energy plant PPL Renewable Energy developed in New Hampshire, produces enough energy to supply the electricity needs for 600 homes in the community of Colebrook. The landfill provides methane to power a new 800 kilowatt electricity generator. By avoiding the use of fossil fuels, operating the landfill gas-to-energy plant is equivalent to reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

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